• Photo: Paulo Falcão | Formóbile 2012

  • Photo: Tomas Kolish | Architect: Patricia Anastassiadis | Exterior N 458 Nogal Natural

  • Photo: Maurício Prado | Edifício Absoluto | Architect: Rui Dalla

  • Euroline (Colezione Cucine)

  • Photo: Ricardo Amaral | Ícaro Gastronomia | Architect: Alexandre Magno

  • Photo: Hamilton Penna | Classical Design Show 2007 | Furniture Covered in the Standard M 847 Zebrawood

Card Sample

The main trends in colors, patterns and finishing are here!

FORMILINE the best brand of high pressure laminate on the market, develops every year colors, patterns and finish aligned with the main international trends of decoration. Furniture industry, builders, architects, interior designers, furniture designers and carpenters have a wide range of possibilities to offer their customers. FORMILINE had its development job of colors recognized and rewarded by Cecal - Centro de Estudos da Cor para a América Latina (Center of Studies of Color in Latin America), created by the CBC - Comitê Brasileiro de Cores  (Brazilian Committee of Color) and Color CA - Centro Argentino da Cor (Argentinian Center of color). Besides the beauty and the contemporary design of laminates from FORMILINE they are resistant to scratches and stains, are easy to clean, inhibit the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, are anti-allergy, durable, and withstand high temperatures and moisture. So, in your projects and furniture, require the highest quality product. Ask for FORMILINE. The best laminate.


Unicolors Patterns

White Laminate

Wood Patterns

Stone Patterns

Fantasy Patterns

Flower Designs
Ellipse Designs
Line Cross Designs
Leather Design

Blackboard Patterns

High Decoration Pattern

Cimbalo Patterns